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discover Hurghada

An Absolute Paradise

The Perfect getaway from the stress of everyday life and from the ongoing hustle and noise of the big city.

  • Fishing.

  • Sailing.

  • Relaxing.


Island Hopping

Chef Prepared Meals

discover sinai

Saint Catherine Mt

Rugged and starkly beautiful, for centuries the Sinai Peninsula has captured imagination of all who travelled through it.

  • Hiking.

  • Stargazing.

  • Rock Climbing.




discover Samuel Dunes

Dune Bashing at Samuel Dunes

Ready for an adventurous ride?

  • Basic Off-Road Driving.

  • Advanced Driving.

  • Safety & Recovery Equipment.

Dune Bashing


Off-Road Basics

discover Abu Muharak Dunes

Dune Bashing at Abu Muharak Dunes

Experience the tranquility of the desert and spend the night under the stars.

  • Dune Bashing.
  • Camping.
  • Stargazing.

Dune Bashing