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Call us: +201001905999

Hany Amr

Founder and Managing Director

“Respect Nature and Nature will always respect you back”

For over 20 years Hany has built his business on many years’ experience of guiding and trekking in the deserts of Egypt. Desert Adventures grew out of a graduation project that combined his entrepreneurial drive and love of travel. Hany knew that he wanted to create a business that united his love of Egypt’s natural environment and helping people who want to enjoy the more far-flung regions of Egypt in safety.

Hany has built long-standing relationships with those in the safari community including elders and locals throughout the different regions of Egypt. Tailoring guided trips is a speciality, ranging from the diplomatic community, specialised geological field trips, and family safaris for different local and ex-pat communities. He has developed his business on the highest levels of safety, respect for the environment and always learning from the people that work for him and those who join each trip.

Hany holds credentials in 4×4 driving from the UK and runs regular training courses on off-road driving skills; he is an AFA trained fitness instructor; and holds a CPR licence from the American Red Cross.