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Day 01 : Depart early morning from Cairo to Sinai, towards the Coloured CanyonHike and explore the beautiful Coloured Canyon for 1.5 hours. We will exit and take a drive through the desert where we will have dinner and set up camp for overnight in the desert.

Day 02 : Visit Ein Hudra  and hike through the White Canyon.  We will also visit Nawamisa and Gabel el Makhroom . We will have dinner and stay overnight at a hotel in St Katherine.

Day 03: Early morning climb (start at 2:30am) to the watch the sunrise from the summit of Mount Sinai (2285m)- the famous mountain where Moses is said to have received the 10 commandments.

On descending the mountain . we will visit the historic monastery of St Katherine. A late breakfast can be enjoyed back at the hotel then we head on for the Bedouin settlement of Serabit el Khadim where a Bedouin style dinner awaits us.


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Day 04:
  After breakfast we’ll take a short drive to reach the mountain at Serabit. We’ll climb to the summit to explore the dramatic ruins of the Pharaonic Temple of Hathor (The Goddess of Turquoise ). We drive through Wadi Mukkatab (Valley of Inscriptions) which contains rock inscriptions and drawings from the Nabatean period then make our way back to Cairo.

Please note cost of the hotel stay in St Katherine is not included in the programme