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8 day desert safari Siwa-Great Sand Sea-White Desert

Day 1: Depart at 7:00 from Cairo to Bahariyya Oasis. Lunch, then we head to Darb Siwa.  Dinner (O/N desert)
Day 2: After breakfast we carry on to Lake Sitra and Homeimat (Little Hills). Stop for lunch at Nawal Meesa. Carry on to El Bahrein and El-Arag Depression. (O/N Desert.)
Day 3: Drive to Siwa, sightseeing in Siwa Shali Fortress, Hill of Dead, Oracle of Amun, Aghurmi Fortress, Cleopatra's Bath. Lunch in Siwa. Off to edge of Great Sand Sea (O/N Desert)


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Day 4: Lake Bahrein
towards Great Sand Sea (O/N Desert)  

Day 5: Dune driving in the Great Sand Sea. Dune Surfing. (O/N Desert - Great Sand Sea)

Day 6: Great Sand Sea and head to Ain Dalla (Spring)  in the Great Sand Sea,  head towards the Western Desert. (O/N Western Desert)
Day 7: Pass Black Desert, Bahariyya Oasis, Abu Muharriq Dunes. O/N Desert.

Day 8: Sightseeing in Bahariyya and drive back to Cairo.