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6 day desert safari to Djarra Caves-White Desert
(Option available for 4 day desert safari. Please email us or APPLY NOW for details)

Day 1 : We drive from Cairo to Bahariyya, passing by the Black Desert, Abu Muhharaq Dunes
Overnight camp desert.

Day 2 : After breakfast, we will drive east through Abu Muhharraq dunes and  a depression towards the Djara Caves ’ magnificent formations and explore on foot. We will set up camp before nightfall.

Day 3Farafra Depression through Aqabet. Overnight in the desert.


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Day 4 : After breakfast, we will head north and stopover at the Magic Spring and camp overnight in the magnificent White Desert.

Day 5 : Setting off after breakfast, we will visit the Crystal Mountain, and head towards the Black Desert, where we will camp overnight.

Day 6 : We will head to Bahariya Oasis and visit the Bahariyya Musuem housing the Golden Mummies  and also visit the Greco-Roman. We head back to Cairo by sunset.