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3 day trip to White Desert

Day 01 : Early morning departure from Cairo to Bahariyya. Picnic lunch en route. Continue on to Sahara Suda (the Black Desert) where we climb and explore one of the many dozens of small black–topped mountains. We journey on to reach Aqabat -  beautiful rock formations surrounded by soft sand dunes.
En route we pass by the small Oasis of el-Heiz. Dinner, then head back to Bahariyya O/N hotel.

Day 02 : After breakfast we drive through the desert to reach the dazzling  White Desert .
En route we will be stopping at the Magic Spring. Dinner and O/N desert.


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Day 03 : After breakfast we continue on through the White Desert and  pass through a rocky landscape of sparkling crystals – the Crystal Mountain. We continue our way back to reach Cairo by sunset.

This itinerary includes :
1 night hotel accommodation