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2 day trip to Whale Valley & Greco Roman City

Day 01: Depart Cairo at 7 am taking Bahariyya road then we drive south to reach the landmark of Widan el Faras –two conical hills capped by black basalt standing about 340 meters above sea level. Then we pass by a Petrified Forest and go to explore the Deir Abou Lif (Monastery of Father Lifa) which was in use from the seventh to the ninth centuries.

We enjoy a picnic lunch then drive to explore Qasr al- Sagha (the golden fortress) an unusual Middle Kingdom building. We will stop to explore Dimeh al Siba (Dima of the Lions) a Ptolemaic city . Then we drive by Lake Qarun, have our dinner and set up camp for a night in the desert.


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Day 02:
After breakfast we drive on the edge of Gebel Qatrani by Lake Qarun to reach Wadi Zeuglodon (Whale Valley) We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch and explore the area with its amazing fossilized skeletons of 40 million year old whales and other sea creatures .

Head back across desert track to Gebel El Mudawara beside the lower lake of Wadi El RayanThis beautiful hill offers wonderful views of the desert lake and is the perfect place for taking photographs.

We then start our journey back through the oasis to arrive in Cairo just after sunset.