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Day trip to Whale Valley

Leave Cairo by 4x4 vehicle to Fayoum Oasis.

Turn off black top road and along a desert track to Wadi Zeuglodon (Whale Valley) We will pass by Gebel Guhannam (Hell Mountain) a huge flat topped landmark, and explore the beautiful landscape.

Arriving at Wadi El Hitan (Whale Valley) we will encounter stunning rock formations and amazing fossilized skeletons of whales and other sea creatures dating back 40 million years.

Lunch by early afternoon and enjoy the tranquility of the desert.


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After lunch cruise across the desert track towards the man-made lake of Wadi Rayan and the surrounding greenery. We will pass Gebel El Mudawara beside the lower lake and is the perfect place for taking photographs.

Head back through Fayoum Oasis passing by Birket Qarun, the largest lake in the Fayoum depression. We aim to reach Cairo after sunset.