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The canyons of Sinai

Holds many historic and natural assets making it unique and distinct from the rest of Egyptian deserts. Its varied and beautiful mountain forms and stretches of sand, its importance as a land of miracles and holy places and its location, standing between two continents.Sinai’s first settlers, who predated the Nile civilization, were nomads from the east. They worshiped a moon goddess called Sin, from where comes the name, the Land of Sin.


Fayoum Basin  The Oasis & Environs St Katherine


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Today, the outstanding natural beauty of the peninsula attracts big numbers of pilgrims, visitors and travelers from all over the world, where they go discover the mysteries and splendor of Sinai; desert safaris, diving along the eastern coast and exploring the world famous coral reefs of Ras Muhammad, bird watching,climbing,MountSinai, watching amazing blends of golden and red colors during sunrise over the mountains while relaxing under the palm trees of a desert oasis, visiting St Catherine's monastery, Dahab and Nuweiba, or hiking through the Colored Canyon, one of the highlights and most popular locations in Sinai


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1 day trip to Whale valley.
2 day desert safari to Fayoum and Whale valley.
3 day desert safari, White Desert.
4 day desert safari to Sinai.
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