Off Road Driving Course

In order for companies to operate in a desert or off-road environment it is necessary for vehicles to travel over a variety of surfaces that may include graded roads or tracks, firm, ungraded tracks, soft sand tracks, off track soft sand or sand dunes.
Each one of these surfaces creates different types of hazard and driving has to be adapted in order to safely negotiate these hazards.

Our courses aim to teach trainees how to deal with varied terrain and conditions, what hazards to be aware of and techniques to overcome them.  All our courses are flexible and specific skills are taught.

Topics covered in these courses include:

  • Review of Defensive Driving techniques as necessary.
  • Additional maintenance and safety checks.
  • Vehicle stability and rollovers.
  • Driving in sand.
  • Recovery techniques.
  • Survival techniques as required.


  • Theory for 2hours
  • Full day practical (7:00 to 17:00)
  • Breakfast & lunch


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