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Wadi Degla Protectorate:

Wadi Degla is located less than 15 km from central Cairo and brings desert adventure to your doorstep. Only a few minutes’ drive from the southern Cairo suburb of Maadi, Wadi Degla offers a wide variety of activities.

Whether you are an athlete interested in hiking, biking or rock climbing; a family person who would like to have a picnic or a BBQ; or simply a lover of nature who wants to break away from hustle-and-bustle of the city; but lack the time to travel far, Wadi Degla is the place for you.

Wadi Degla is of significant natural and environmental importance and is technically part of Egypt’s Eastern Desert. It runs through the numelitic limestone cliffs that formed during the Eocene Epoch (60 million years). These numelitic limestone cliffs reach a height of 50 m above sea level and preserve fossils of marine life that once thrived in the region when it was entirely submerged under water.

The protectorate supports a variety of flora and fauna including deer, mountain hares, red foxes, feather tailed rats, bats and up to 18 species of reptiles have also been sighted.